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Atlantis Tropical Fish Inc. has been in the forefront of breeding and importing African cichlids and other aquarium fish for over a decade. We are the direct importer and breeder of Lake Tanganyika cichlids and Lake Malawi Cichlids. We receive weekly shipments from every open coastline of the two lakes as well as fish from West Africa.

We offer wild and tank raised Cyphotilapia frontosa and Tropheus species from different collection points including, Tropheus duboisi Maswa, Tropheus moorii Moiro, Tropheus sp. Bulu Point, Tropheus sp. Ikola Kaiser, Tropheus sp. Kiriza Kaiser, Tropheus sp. Bemba, Tropheus moorii Ilangi, Tropheus moorii Red Rainbow, Tropheus moorii Mpulungu, Tropheus moorii Chaitika Blue Rainbow, Cyphotilapia frontosa Moba, Cyphotilapia frontosa Kigoma, Cyphotilpia frontosa Burundi six stripe in all sizes.

A huge selection of wild and farm raised Peacock, Copadichromis, Otopharnyx, Protomelas and Pseudotropheus species are available which include Aulonocara Ngara, Aulonocara Lwanda, Aulonocara Red Shoulder, Aulonocara Ruby Red, Aulonocara Maleri Chipoka, Aulonocara Benga sunshine, Aulonocara mamalela, Copadichromis sp. Midnight Mara, Copadichromis borleyi, Otopharnyx lithobates Zimbawe Rocks Yellow Blaze, Protomelas virgatus, Protomelas Tanzanian Tiger, Pseudotropheus estherae Red zebra, Pseudotropheus zebra Red Top Mpanga, Pseudotropheus demasoni, Pseudotropheus daktari and Pseudotropheus flavus.

We also offer top quality domestically bred and wild angelfish, Apistogramma, and killifish species. We also receive regular shipments from South America and Africa that contain many rare and unusual catfish species.

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